Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace

I bring to my workplace mediation practice the same personal experience that I bring to my commercial mediation practice, having worked for a large company for many years, in an open plan office with hundreds of employees.

Our colleagues are strangers to us – we know them only through the bond of a common employer or working environment. We spend much of our lives at work but even when we are not physically present at our workplace, we remain connected with it through the medium of emails and messaging services. It is not surprising that problems can arise in our working relationships with our colleagues.

Where there is a problem in the employer/employee relationship, invoking the disciplinary or grievance procedures, whatever the outcome, will not restore a harmonious working relationship.

Gossip can cause reputational damage to both the employer and the employee. So disputes within the workplace such as disciplinary issues, harassment, bullying, discrimination, stress and termination of employment will benefit from the non-confrontational approach of a mediation, preferably well before either party contemplates tribunal proceedings, thus preserving the reputation of both the employer and the employee.

There are three situations where workplace mediation can help:-

  • First, within the workplace itself, where there are problems between teams or individuals or departments and an independent person can help restore the previously amicable relationship.

  • Secondly, where the employer/employee relationship has soured and a parting of the ways looks the likely outcome but both parties would like to see whether it might just be possible to rebuild some bridges.

  • Thirdly, as an adjunct to proceedings in the Employment Tribunal, where the ET1 and ET3 have been served and both parties wish to try to reach agreement about the terms of departure.

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