“Mark’s approach in dealing with a complicated multi-claimant and multi-defendant claim was simply excellent. It was clear that Mark had identified the relevant issues from the thousands of pages of documents. His patience and good humour ensured that the parties kept communicating with each other during a very long but ultimately successful day. Mark put my client at ease and made sure that he understood the key issues. He certainly gave value for money and I would be more than happy to use him again as a mediator.”

David Dewar, Partner, Ward Hadaway, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

“Mark really helped me sort out my understanding of our dispute. I had focussed too much on my own position and Mark helped me to see the other side of it. We were able to reach a solution which avoided a family row (and very substantial legal fees). I am really grateful to Mark for the patience he showed us and for the effort he put in to help us reach an agreement.”

Maria B. (A party to a dispute concerning property ownership under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996), London

“I have personally participated in mediations with Mark on a number of occasions, all of which were either resolved at the mediation or shortly thereafter. Mark displayed a keen desire to enter into the dispute resolution process, grasping the opportunity to facilitate a settlement which was acceptable to all parties, in place of protracted expensive litigation.”

Mark Harrison, Claims Manager, Amlin UK, Norwich branch

Testimonials from participants via “Survey Monkey”

“It was clear from the second telephone discussion that you had identified the relevant areas of the issues in dispute, notwithstanding the sheer volume of documents to assimilate and that your patience together with good humour over what turned out to be a very long day was vital in ensuring the parties kept talking to each other to resolve the dispute. You were both genial and firm when it was appropriate to be so. You were a pleasure to work with and I am convinced that you were instrumental in resolving the whole dispute. My client and I both felt you not only understood the issues but our perspective, whilst at the same time conveyed the issues of the other party’s perspective in a neutral manner which enabled my client to understand the key issues and ultimately lead to settlement of his dispute which had been running for some 6 years.”

“Lovely, you looked after me, you were honest and candid with your observations.”

“I was delighted with all aspects of your conduct. The telephone contact prior to the meeting and during the day was very useful, and your task was not made any easier by the fact that the majority of the parties elected not to serve position statements prior to the meeting. Your conduct on the day gave me, and more importantly, my client confidence in the mediation process.”

“Excellent service provided throughout.”

“The introduction was helpful and constructive. Importantly I felt it set the ‘landscape’ for a constructive exchange of views and also helped put me at ease about the process. I felt you had researched the case well, evidenced by reference to issues, reports and key events. Very approachable. I felt that you were entirely objective and worked hard so that the parties were able to reflect on their position, ultimately reaching an agreement.”

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