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the Netherlands

English-Speaking Mediator For Expats

For those English speakers living and working in the Netherlands who speak little Dutch and would prefer to deal with a mediator who is a native English speaker, I offer three types of mediation service:-

  • As a mediator, conducting the mediation in English.

  • As a co-mediator, where the lead mediator is Dutch and at least one of the parties is Dutch-speaking and the mediation is conducted mainly in English but with some Dutch.

  • As a mediation advocate. As an advocate I am not the mediator – my role is to guide an English-speaking party to fully engage with the mediation process so as to derive the most benefit from it. I assist the party in presenting its case in a non-adversarial manner and, as the mediation progresses, to consider the various options available to resolve the dispute.

My services are suited to the types of commercial disputes described on this site and to workplace disputes, where the employer/employee relationship has run its course and it is necessary to negotiate the terms of the employee’s departure.

I have a strong family connection with the Netherlands and visit frequently. I have an understanding of Dutch business culture.

Please get in touch if you have a problem or a dispute where you think I can help.

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