Collision at a Level Crossing

Level Crossing Accident

The driver of a lorry making a delivery to a recycling site that could only be accessed via an unmanned level crossing was required to telephone the signal man before using the crossing so as to ensure that it was safe to do so. The driver did not bother to telephone and as his lorry crossed the track it was struck by a passenger train.

Multiple Claims

Multiple claims arose from the collision: from the passengers on the train, some of whom were severely injured; from the train operator whose train was extensively damaged and from the company operating the track.

These claims were not just against the lorry driver and his employers who owned the lorry but also against the company operating the recycling plant.

How mediation helped to resolve the multiple claims

At the mediation it was possible to resolve the dispute between two of the parties, which then provided the framework for settling all of the other claims.

Without the agreement reached at the mediation, it would have been necessary for several litigated claims to have been brought to resolve the various claims.

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