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The 7 Lean Principles To Help Your Software Development by Faisal Malas

Developers should be able to make changes as needed, explain their reasoning, and be open to feedback. Dev teams are able to control quality in this model by immediately assessing their work once it’s complete or testing as they go. Lean development is based on Toyota’s manufacturing system from the 1940s and 1950s. At the time, they were able to reduce time and resources needed to manufacture automotives, allowing them to maximize customer value. Due to short deadlines or immense workload, quite often, respect within the team is neglected by developers.

lean software development principles

Another case where LSD is applied is in large corporations that manage several projects simultaneously, which, in the end, will become one big product. They need the projects to be maximally aligned with business strategies and created in a short time. It not only saves their time but also builds a collaborative team that dedicates their effort and knowledge for the common goal.

Principle 2: Build Quality In

Lean software development can help development teams conserve resources like time and money. By creating several iterations and collecting customer feedback, these teams are able to identify their niche and provide additional values to the end user. This is an approach popularized by Spotify that has been adopted by many Lean organizations (including LeanKit) as a way to optimize the whole and increase the speed of value delivery. Lean software development is a concept that emphasizes optimizing efficiency and minimizing waste in the software development process. This approach has its roots in the Lean manufacturing movement of the 1980s.

If you have the skills for the job, you can consider pursuing a career in lean development. Consider avenues for professional development, like certification on management training from Simplilearn, the leading online boot camp in the world. Lean is considered as one of the most effective agile methodologies due to its iterative nature. The lean life cycle starts with project planning, followed by iteration planning.

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Deferring commitment emphasizes keeping your project plans and requirements flexible enough to adapt to an unforeseen change that takes place. Leave all irreversible decision making to the very end – once everything else is already set in stone. You can store vital project documents alongside their project spaces to ensure that they’re easily accessible. You can even nest pages within these documents to make categorizing your information simpler.

Deferring commitment means accepting the responsibility that when things are committed to it is because they are well-informed decisions. Practically, keeping the defer commitment principle means avoiding planning in more detail than necessary before it’s necessary ie. Months in advance when things could change and so that planning has to be redone. The approach, developed on the Toyota factory floor between the late 1940s and 1970s by the industrial engineers Taiichi Ohno and Eiji Toyoda, who worked at the company.

Now it’s your turn

It describes the traditional principles of lean production in relation to software development, as well as a set of 22 tools (practices) and their comparison with agile development methodology. In fact, a lot of Agile work processes include some lean principles in them. For example, delivering fast results is a core tenet of most Agile teams.

lean software development principles

The bigger the system, the more people are involved and the more parts are developed by multiple teams. Lean strives to prevent issues, instead of dealing with them when they arise. Effective quality management is leading throughout the entire process in all possible areas. Synchronization causes multiple perspectives to be understood, resolved and integrated at the same time. Applying development cadence and synchronization, coupled with periodic cross-domain planning, provides the mechanisms needed to operate effectively in the presence of inherent development uncertainty. Principle #6 highlights the eight common properties of a flow-based system and provides specific recommendations for eliminating impediments to flow.

It never happens instantly. The business game is longer than you know.

The faster you show your groundwork to the customer, the sooner you will get his feedback, thus, he will receive the product with the necessary improvements much sooner. In other words, this is what we spend money on and don’t get any profit from. For example, unused code and unnecessary functions that do not bring additional value to both the user and business, but require time for discussion, development, testing lean software development principles and documentation. At the heart of lean development lies a number of important principles that remain virtually unchanged over the past few years. The most effective way to ensure respect among software engineers is to have effective communication channels. Each List should represent an individual sprint with an additional List titled “Backlog.” This is where new features and requirements can be listed.

lean software development principles

The roots of this approach go back to the history of the well-known car manufacturer Toyota, and are based on its problem solving approaches. The bottom line is to make only those changes that are beneficial, and, at the same time, requiring minimum costs and taking not too much time to be implemented. Whenever you need to assign a task to a team member, simply tag them in a comment and assign it to them. They’ll immediately receive a notification about this so that it doesn’t go overlooked. Now that it’s in their task list, they can start working on it and mark it as resolved when they’re done.

Pros and Cons of Lean Software Development

They reduce conflict and give your team members an outlet to comfortably express themselves to one another. The main goal of being lean is to increase the value to customers by reducing waste (Poppendieck, M. & Poppendieck, T., 2003). In Lean, deliver fast is about avoiding falling into the trap of “more haste, less speed”. Spending some time on the things that can cost more time later if they go wrong, which unminded they usually do to some extent, is a worthwhile upfront investment in the pursuit of speed of delivery. Partially completed work, like unnecessary code or functionality neither adds value for the customer nor provides a learning opportunity for the team. The two authors had an extensive background in IT and product development with Mary’s career spanning roles as a process control programmer, IT department manager and product development.

  • This principle urges teams to demonstrate responsible decision-making by keeping their options open and constantly gathering information rather than making decisions without required data.
  • To do this, software development teams create the minimum viable product (MVP), or an early version of a software product that has just enough features to validate an idea and collect user feedback.
  • However, this speedy software turnaround time must be sustainable in the long run for it to be truly effective.
  • According to the World Health Organization, burnout syndrome is characterized by energy depletion, a negative attitude at work, and reduced efficacy.
  • Things that may seem impractical with a narrow lens may be the foundation for larger, more productive processes.

Lean development aims to eliminate anything that does not add value to the customer. Lean software development is one of the groundbreaking methodologies to have revolutionized the whole value stream in IT. Deming observed that addressing the challenges in the workplace and the marketplace requires an understanding of the systems within which workers and users operate [2].

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In software development organizations, developers may feel pressurized to meet stringent timelines and end up writing sloppy code, which may result in more defects. Similarly, if testers are overburdened with work, they will not be able to share their findings with developers on time. In the meanwhile, developers keep on writing code thereby increasing backlog for testers.

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