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Mark Field Mediation is is continuing to provide mediation services throughout the COVID-19 crisis

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to disrupt our lives I am continuing to provide mediation services, however to ensure compliance with Government guidelines I will be utilising technology to facilitate meetings and communication in lieu of face to face. 

The beauty of mediation is that it brings disputing parties together. The fact that they meet is fundamental to the success of the mediation process. As it is not currently possible to meet in person, modern technology enables parties to meet on-line in a manner which is not far short of what can be achieved by meeting in person. Further information can be found at “Easily Arranged” and “On the Day“.

“The whole process was very well conducted by you and the use of technology (Zoom) to conduct the meeting worked very well. It was clear that the process had been well thought out to ensure all parties were able to engage appropriately and have secure conversations.” – Participant, June 2020

Alternative dispute resolution

Mediation is a well-established process designed to resolve disputes. It is the most popular form of  Alternative Dispute Resolution. The mediation process is informal; a mediator, who is entirely independent and neutral, acts as a facilitator to help the parties achieve an amicable resolution that is legally binding.

Court proceedings entail substantial legal costs with no certainty of achieving a favourable outcome. When giving evidence in court, a party can often feel intimidated by the process. Unlike court proceedings, mediations are:


Mediation is not a substitute for court proceedings. The parties are not obliged to reach a settlement, so any party who is not willing to accept terms offered at a mediation has the right to pursue court proceedings.


Everything that is said at a mediation is “off-the-record”, that is, without prejudice, and cannot be referred to in any legal proceedings. The terms of  settlement can, if the parties wish, remain confidential.

No-One is on Trial

No-one gives evidence and no-one is cross-examined. The mediator does not decide the outcome – the mediator only helps the parties achieve a settlement. The parties remain in control throughout the process. A mediation saves time and therefore costly legal fees. The case studies on this website are examples of the sorts of disputes where mediation has resulted in a successful resolution.

Easily Arranged

This can be a traditional mediation where the parties meet in person or an on-line mediation where the parties meet on screen. It takes place at the convenience of the parties (not of the court) and can be arranged at short notice.

Commercial Mediation

Virtually all disputes are suitable for mediation

  • Insurance disputes

  • Personal injury claims

  • Professional negligence

  • Contractual

  • Company director & shareholder

  • Family disputes involving beneficiaries, executors, or trustees

  • Co-habitees

  • Education: disputes involving schools & universities and employees & students

  • Defamation & privacy, libel, slander & whistleblowing 

Workplace  Mediation

Mediation is recognised as a valuable tool which can address the potential difficulties posed by issues in the workplace including

  • Problems between individual employees and teams

  • Employer/employee disputes

  • Negotiation of terms of departure

Mediation in the Netherlands

For those English speakers living and working in the Netherlands who speak little Dutch and would prefer to deal with a mediator who is a native English speaker, I offer three types of mediation service:-

  • As a Mediator

  • As a co-Mediator 

  • As a Mediation Advocate

Mark Field CMC registered mediator

Mark Field

I began using mediation on behalf of my clients when I practised as a solicitor.

I found it to be so effective that I decided to become a mediator. 

I use my experience to help to put the parties at ease so that the maximum benefit is gained from the mediation process.

I am a  CEDR accredited mediator.



Why Choose Me?

I have been involved in dozens of mediations on behalf of my clients so not only do I have the ability to bring parties together but I know what it is like to be a party – I understand the expectations and pressures that participants feel at a mediation. I do my utmost to put the parties at ease so that the maximum benefit is gained from the process.

As a solicitor I specialised in insurance litigation which embraced personal injury and product liability claims. Many of the personal injury claims were complex and the product liability claims involved products as diverse as construction materials and animal feedstuffs. Probably my most interesting case was representing Mayfair Chemists and Co-op Healthcare in the Shipman Inquiry. I have been mentioned as a leading practitioner in Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession.

For nearly ten years I was head of the legal department of the UK division of a leading insurer. My enthusiasm for mediation led me to qualify as a mediator. I am a CEDR accredited mediator.

I am happy to mediate anywhere in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Netherlands. I do not charge for time spent travelling to a mediation.

“Mark Field is a mediator who I know has a strong belief in the effectiveness of mediation. That is established by his track record, which is that he has advocated and engaged in mediation for the last 15 years. I have personal experience of him representing a party in a particularly difficult mediation, and I was impressed by his approach and manner – his involvement was instrumental in achieving a sensible settlement. I would be more than happy for Mark to act as the mediator in any dispute in which I am instructed, and I would be happy to recommend him.”

  • Bill Braithwaite Q.C., Exchange Chambers, Liverpool

“Notwithstanding the mediation was convened at short notice, it was apparent Mark had read all of the papers and was well prepared for the day. He easily established a rapport with the parties; even in the face of one of the parties’ determination to make matters difficult. My client found Mark calm and sensible and I would definitely recommend him for future disputes.”

  • Julien Luke, Partner, TLT Solicitors, Manchester

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