Mediation is a long-established method of resolving disputes. It is a voluntary process used as an adjunct to the right of an individual or business to seek legal redress in the courts. A mediation is conducted by a mediator, who is entirely independent and neutral, who acts as a facilitator, helping the parties achieve an amicable resolution that is legally binding.

The longer a dispute continues, the more entrenched the parties become. The involvement of solicitors makes the situation worse: not only does the dispute become more costly, with ever increasing legal fees, but the focus is upon “winning”. This is because more often than not the losing party pays the costs, not only its own but also those of the winning party.

I am a solicitor who began using mediation more than 15 years ago. As the legal representative of parties, I have been involved in dozens of mediations, so not only do I have the ability to bring parties together but I know what it is like to be a party – I understand the expectations and pressures that participants feel at a mediation. I do my utmost to put the parties at ease so that the maximum benefit is gained from the process.

As a solicitor I specialised in insurance litigation which embraced personal injury and product liability claims. Many of the personal injury claims were complex and the product liability claims involved products as diverse as construction materials and animal feedstuffs. Probably my most interesting instruction as a solicitor was representing Mayfair Chemists and Co-op Healthcare in the Shipman Inquiry. I have been mentioned as a leading practitioner in Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession.

Then, for nearly ten years, I was head of the legal department of the UK division of a leading insurer. After I left the insurer my enthusiasm for mediation led me to qualify as a mediator. I am a CEDR accredited mediator and a Registered Mediator of the Civil Mediation Council.

I am happy to mediate anywhere in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. I do not charge for time spent travelling to a mediation.

I hope you will find the pages on this site informative but do not hesitate to contact me, entirely without obligation, if there is any additional information you would like. You can also click here for my LinkedIn profile.